Zombie Wine Holder

During those Halloween months, you may be interested in storing your wine in a spooky way – by using spooky wine bottle holders. Some individuals actually choose to takes these wine bottle holders and use them all year long and that is perfectly fine. Here, take a look at the top 5 spooky wine holders out there …

Drinking Scary Skeleton Wine Holder

Here’s a good way to store your wine … in a skeletons mouth! Don’t worry though, the skeleton isn’t really going to drink your wine, he’s pretty much all bones. This wine bottle holder has been hand crafted from cold cast resin. At your next Halloween party, this will be a big head-turner. You know, some people choose to leave this in their kitchen all year long and there’s nothing wrong with that. I mean come on, if you want to have a skeleton in your kitchen that is perfectly fine.

Zombie Hands Rising from the Grave Wine Holder

Do you dare to grab that bottle of wine from the hands of a zombie? This is definitely an eerie sight. I mean come on, you have a zombie rising from the grave just to grab that bottle of wine? That must be one good bottle of wine! This decorative zombie wine bottle holder is exquisitely details and looks pretty real – so real that it will be sure to scare your guests. It makes a great gift for individuals who love zombies and wine.

Grim Reaper Wine Holder

Because there’s nothing odd about having a grim reaper hold your wine for you! This wine bottle takes a whole new approach to a wine glass holder and bottle storage! Mind you, if you have a faint heart, you may not want this one. This wine holder stands an amazing 18 inches high and is complete with skulls at his feet. With this wine holder, you will also receive two 2.5 ounce wine glasses, but the wine doesn’t come with it – you’ll have to get that on your own.

Gargoyle Wine Bottle Holder

Do you have a love for gargoyles? If so, you will adore this gargoyle wine bottle holder. Gargoyles have meaning behind them. Typically, when you put them on your property, they will guard it for you and protect you from evil spirits. During religious times, these statues were used to communicate religious ideas of protection. It is believed that gargoyles will guard an entire town and protect the individuals within it the entire night, then, when the sun comes up, they return to their places. This protective meaning of gargoyles dates back to the ancient times. When you place gargoyles in your home, you are bringing in a good sense of mythical protection. What better way to do this than by using a gargoyle wine bottle holder?

Skull Wine Bottle Holder

Some people enjoy having skulls in their home all year long, while others simply want to use skulls to scare people during Halloween. Whichever you prefer, this skull wine bottle holder would be a great choice.  This wine bottle holder even has scary red eyes that light up (LED) – it will be sure to add a spooky look to that bottle of wine. It measures 7.25” L x 5.5” W and is 5.5” H.

There you have the top 5 spooky wine holders. I must say, there are some pretty interesting bottle holders, some of them, like the gargoyle, I would want to have on display all year long!

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