mask-99941_640Who doesn’t love a good scare during the Halloween season? Well now you can give it to them when you dress up in any of this year’s hottest men’s scary Halloween costumes. Whether you have a party with friends to go to or you opt to go trick-or-treating, there are plenty of costumes to choose from.

Get people’s hearts pounding with costumes like the Screaming Ghost Adult Costume, Carnival Creeper Adult Men’s Costume, Werewolf Adult Men’s Plus Size Costume, and the Rotted Zombie Adult Men’s Costume.

Screaming Ghost

Let the face of everyone you encounter turn white with your Screaming Ghost Adult Costume. You will frightened even the toughest with your white skull mask and ragged robe with attached hood. Both are made of 100% polyester.

Carnival Creeper

Interrupt the carnival-themed Halloween party with your Carnival Creeper Adult Mens Costume. This creepy costume comes with a golf carnival style mask and hood with gloves, cape and howl. The whole costume comes in black. It is made of varying materials like polyester, plastic, linen and cotton.


Let out your inner wild wolf with the Werewolf Adult Men’s Plus Size Costume. Embrace the character of this wild thing during the season and enjoy the transformation without the pain. Included in the costume is a red plaid hunter shirt that looks as if it was ripped to give the feel of a transformation, a mask that is really scary which includes monstrous resin teeth, gloves that comes with paws and plush cuffs.. The shirt is easy to wear.

Rotted Zombie

Do you want to look scary from your head to your toes? Well then the Rotted Zombie Adult Men’s Costume is the perfect costume. This costume includes a 3-D sculpted zombie covers for shoes, a hideous mask with 2 grey long pieces of hair on the sides of the face and grey hood back, and 3-D sculpted gloves with poly palms. Don’t look in the mirror because you might scare yourself!

Killer Clown

There is a word for having a fear of clowns and it’s called Coulrophobia. This is a real fear that many people have. If clowns in general scare some people then no doubt will you get a scare dressed up as a killer clown. The killer clown men’s costume comes with bloodstained jumper, clown mask in latex with hair. Have scary fun with this one.

If scary is what you want then you’ll do well with any one of these above mentioned men’s scary Halloween costumes.

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