Couples Horror Movie Costumes

When it comes time to attend all of this year’s Halloween parties, you and your significant other might want to consider dressing as one of Hollywood’s scariest lovebird couples. It is Halloween, after all, and horror movie costumes for couples are cute, even if they are frightening.

Chucky and his bride are terrifying costumes that reflect the horror genre. Who can forget that creepy red-headed doll that came alive and murdered people? While Chucky’s costume is typically horrifying, the female’s costume is glamorous – even with the ax she’s wielding and the blood splattered all across her dress.

Zombie bride and grooms aren’t from any specific movie, but there have been many couples turned into zombies on shows and movies, so this is a popular horror flick couple costume idea this year, with zombie topics all the rage.

Leatherface and his Mrs. From The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are a sexy duo. Of course he didn’t really get married, but costume designers have taken the horror genre and those completely unlovable killers and given them companion costumes just in case someone ever found it in their heart to give him a shot. Hers even has a matching chainsaw so she can help get the job done.

Freddie Kruger and the wifey are another such example. No one could really endure those razor sharp claws, but if she did, she would no doubt be wearing a sweater dress to match her lover, along with a hat like his, and a set of claws all her own.

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th make a formidable duo. His and her hockey masks with matching machetes will send your friends and family screaming in terror. Make sure you have a little fake blood splatter on the costumes, too.

Mummy couples have been in movies forever. His and her costumes look basically the same, but some are sexier than others, depending on how you want to depict your couple. Her costume could be a lovely mummy dress, while the man’s costume is typical bandages from head to toe.

Scream is one horror movie that never goes out of style. Your spouse or boyfriend can be the killer in his black robe and mask, carrying a knife, while you can dress as one of the victims of his crime – or the reporter, Gale Weathers.

Frankenstein and his bride are a real classic horror movie couple. The Bride of Frankenstein came out in 1934, and everyone loved the idea that this monster got his own lovely lady. The bride’s costume is a beautiful white dress and her signature black and white tall hairdo.

Sweeny Todd and Mrs. Lovett have a sort of Steampunk look to them, and they’re a horror movie couple costume idea that’s right for those who like to work together to create chaos. Make sure you get the razor accessory to complete the look!

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