Halloween Living Dead Woman Having a DrinkAs Halloween draws closer and closer, you’ll notice that the stores begin to fill with candy and spooky decorations while it seems like every station is playing nonstop horror movies. From costumes to candy and decorating, it seems like every aspect of the holiday is geared towards kids having a good time, but that doesn’t mean that you as an adult can’t make the most of it too!

Whether you have children or not, Halloween is a great time to get into the spirit of the festivities, this is the one night a year that you get to go out and be someone else, why not take that opportunity? Even if Halloween isn’t normally your thing, here’s some ideas for how to celebrate it that might just change your mind.

Kids or not, a Halloween party is a great way to spend your Halloween afternoon or night. You can have a lot of fun preparing and decorating for the occasion and then you get to let loose and enjoy all your hard work with your friends, family, and/or coworkers. Don’t just dip your toes–dive right in with a costume, themed decorations for your living/dining room (or yard, patio, or wherever it is you happen to be hosting your festive entertainment), and be sure to provide plenty of food and drinks.

If this is going to be an adults only venue, consider picking up some party drinks or mixes for the event, but make sure to have options open for any designated drivers or alcohol-free guests. If you have kids or neighbors and coworkers with little ones of their own you can plan a tandem kids’ party for while you’re enjoying yourselves and even put together a trick or treating group and take shifts with the other adults on leading them house to house.

A personal party isn’t the only place you can find some awesome Halloween fun, there are lots of public venues that are sure to house plenty of spooky fun. Be sure to check online or your local radio stations/newspapers to see if there are any big events in the area that you might be interested.

If you’re the type that likes to go out and get scared, maybe test your bravery with some friends at a haunted house or check out a local movie marathon (there tend to be plenty of horror releases around Halloween and some areas even offer classic scary movie marathons to enjoy).

If you want to enjoy a party atmosphere without all the work of setting it up yourself, see if your work has an “office” Halloween party or see if any of the local hangouts are hosting Halloween themed events as well. No doubt somewhere in your area is throwing a costume party or even a fancy masquerade ball, the perfect place to step out of your skin for the evening.

If neither of those sound like your kind of thing, nobody says that you have to go big if you want to enjoy Halloween. Curling up on the couch at home with your favorite someones and a good scary movie is sometimes even more fun that going out or throwing a Halloween bash. Just be sure to keep plenty of candy by the door, especially if you live in a neighborhood with a lot of kids, because you can expect to be getting knocks on your door all night.

Many Halloween related events are decidedly for kids only, but just because you don’t want to dress up like a ghost or ghoul and go door to door for treats doesn’t mean you can’t still have a great time.

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