When you’re throwing a Halloween party, food is an obvious must. Keep your guests entertained by serving them spooky creative treats!

Candies for Kids

✓ Gummy Body Parts
✓ Gumballs
✓ Gummy worms
✓ Chocolate coins
✓ Tootsie Rolls
✓ Hershey’s Mini Kisses
✓ Candy bars
✓ Lollipops


✓ Pumpkin-shaped cheese ball (recipe)
✓ Onion-Bacon Dip (recipe)
✓ Peanut Chicken Skewers With Chili Mayonnaise (recipe)
✓ Erie Empanadas: Alien Larvae with Bloody Sauce (recipe)
✓ Spicy Vampire Bat Wings (recipe)

Halloween Cakes

✓ Zombie Cake (recipe)
✓ Jack O’ Lantern Cake (recipe)
✓ Haunted Graveyard Cake (recipe)
✓ Easy Pumpkin Cheesecake (recipe)
✓ Creepy-Crawly Cake (recipe)

Halloween Cookies

✓ Lollipop Cookies (recipe)
✓ Witches’ Fingers Cookies (recipe)
✓ Halloween Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies (recipe)
✓ Witch’s Hat Cookies (recipe)
✓ Fruity Mummy Cookies (recipe)

Halloween Punch

✓ Berry Bloody Smoothie (recipe)
✓ Black Halloween Punch (recipe)
✓ Gummy Worm Punch (recipe)
✓ Wicked Witch Apple Punch (recipe)
✓ Eyeball Ice Punch (recipe)

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