The following ideas are suitable for any Halloween party and include plenty more creepiness for your event.

Bloody Brain in the Cooler

Bloody Brain in the Cooler

Add some ick factor to your fun, by including a plastic brain in plastic wrap to your drink cooler. You can find these pretty cheap and are always a great conversation piece.

Bloody Knife Cupcakes


You can purchase ready-made knife decorations from Wilton or make your own. Making your own takes quite a bit of work, but if you’re making a lot of cupcakes, will save you a ton of cash.

To make your own sugar molds, you need to make a knife shape out of clay and some silicone putty. Once you’ve made your clay knife, follow the instructions on the silicone putty to make your mold.

To make the sugar knives, combine ½ cup of sugar, 1 teaspoons of water and half a teaspoon of meringue powder. This is enough to make about 40 small knives. Take a knife to scoop the sugar mixture and press it gently into the mold and flatten it out. Then flipped the mold over onto some parchment paper and gently squeeze it out.

Once the white sugar knives are dry, take some royal icing mix (it’s much easier to work with a mix than make your own because the mix doesn’t harden as quickly) and color it brown. Use a small butter knife to spread the icing on as a handle.

Then, for the cupcakes, decorate them with regular butter cream icing. To top that, color some clear piping gel red to create the look of blood and then plunge the knife in.

Jello Foot Mold

Jello Foot Mold

Many stores and online shops have molds you can use for Halloween parties. From brain molds to foot molds, these are sure to be noticed on your treat table.

To make the flesh colored jello, try the recipe at All you need is a few packs of jello, green food coloring and some evaporated skim milk to make these beauties. And, of course, don’t forget fresh parsley for garnish.

Haunted Doll House

If your child has a doll house, it’s the perfect opportunity to create something spooky. Plus, if children are attending your party, it gives them something to play with as well. In this picture, a doll house becomes haunted with a bit of cotton webbing, a skeleton, some spiders and a witch.

Creepy Wine Bottles


These are actually Martha Stewart Halloween Wine Labels. To prepare the wine bottles, scrub of the labels with hot water and SOS pads. Then dry the bottles thoroughly and apply the labels.

Specimen Jars


From left to right in the picture above, we have:

  • Rice noodles, floating in the starchy water they were boiled in.
  • Frozen peas in some syrup with added dark food coloring.
  • Canned longan in their own syrup from the Asian section of the grocery store.
  • Canned palm seed slices in their own syrup, also from the Asian section. Float a little Halloween blood on the top for extra grossness.

Then decide what you’ll say is in each jar. Use Google Translate used Google Translate to translate into Latin. You can find some great fonts at Just print the labels on plain paper and cut them out. Use a permanent glue stick to stick them on the jars.

Then let your guests try to guess what each jar includes. Some are more obvious than others.


These specimen jars were created with ideas from

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