Halloween is here! It’s time to start planning your party. Here’s a shopping checklist to inspire you in decorating your house for a Halloween Party.

Door Decorations

✓ Freakish Door Covers
✓ Spooky Doorway Curtains
✓ Ghost Face Door Knocker

Window Decorations

✓ Halloween Window Gel Clings
✓ Zombie Window Posters
✓ Life-size figures (like mummy, vampires, etc.)
✓ Window Lights

Hanging Decorations

✓ Halloween String Decorations
✓ Halloween Garlands
✓ Flying Vampires Bloody Prop
✓ Paper Bats

Table Decorations

✓ Skulls
✓ Crossbones
✓ Candles
✓ Freaky Foods


✓ Creepy Banners / Signs (Photo Shoot Area)
✓ Gravestones / Tombstones
✓ Skeleton & Body Parts
✓ Fog machine
✓ Black balloons
✓ Cobwebs and Spiders
✓ Jack O’ Lanterns
✓ Spooky Music (thunder, screams, monsters, chainsaws or
Michael Jackson’s “Thriller)
✓ Frightening Films (like Friday the 13th, The Exorcist,
Addams Family, etc.)
✓ Scarecrows

Having a Halloween decorations checklist can definitely make your life easier. Happy shopping and good luck with your party planning
and decorating!

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